My Twitter Policy

Twitter Me!Despite my angst at my inability to accurately live a ‘civilian’ lifestyle, I do love people.
Having been a consummate observer of people my whole life, when Twitter became the latest craze, I signed up. When I left The Call of Duty, I started actively twittering in earnest. At first, I twittered quite timidly, and now… well now I follow my own path when it comes to what, when, where, and how I twitter. Why not – Right?

When it comes to Twitter politics, I don’t think I do it ‘right’. I’m not a popular tweeter, I don’t have some mass following, and yet I tend to follow many varied groups of people on Twitter. Due to this, I felt it time to have a dedicated page for my Twitter Policy. If you want to know how to follow me, or get me to follow you, or what to do to ensure I block your butt from my twitter feed, read on.

I am an equal opportunity Twitterer. I love connecting with people. So please don’t feel you must be one of the so called “Top Twitter’s” to follow me. Chances are, if you choose to Follow Me on Twitter, I will follow you back!

That being said, I do have a few things that will ensure you not only do not get followed, but might possibly be blocked, so be advised:

1.) If you should attempt to promise me you will: increase traffic to my Twitter Feed, gain me thousands of millions of bagillions of followers, make me rich or ensure tons o’traffic to my blog, or help me get “right” with A God, Goddess, Pickle or Spam – Then I probably won’t follow you and might even block you.

2.) If you use your twitter account to promote business, websites, or other such marketable items – then I probably won’t follow you. I am all for endorsing things you love, but seriously, if your account is strictly for promoting the goodness of SpagettiO’s – well…. yeah so not following you!

3.) if you are a spambot or spambottess, or not even a real person…. yeah, totally not following you!

4.) if you are a Porn-o-matic twitter account….. I might click a few links (hey a girl can look ya know???) but yeah…. blocking you after that!

5.) If your just a truly worthless piece of crap – Not following you. (and yes, this means I’d have judged you. Oopsie!)

6.) If you don’t write your own tweets, or you RT your own tweets, or you just keep sending out weird tweets promoting only your sugary goodness – probably not following you!

7.) If you commit “Hate Crimes” of any sort…. not following you.

8.)If your profile picture is of a schlong, a dong, a cootchie, a hootchie, a va-jay-jay or any sort of sex….. NOT FOLLOWING YOU

9.)If I don’t like you, Not following you.

So those are my absolute No-No’s on twitter. If you don’t do any of those things and want to follow me that is great! I’d love following you and your tweets.

If you should choose to follow me, you might be advised that my current list of followers is vary vast. Some I know in real life, some are my Writers from around the world and The Michigan::Flint Red Hot Writers group and NaNoWriMo. Some of my followers are from various Conventions I have attended or do attend, such as Penguicon or BoardGameGeek Con. And whenever possible I will delineate these groups with the use of the new Twitter List’s feature. So don’t be surprised if your twitter name appears in one of my Lists. it just means I adore you and adore how I know you…. :)

So basically folks, I love Tweeting and I love having new and old friends on my Twitter Line. If you’d like to follow me, just do it. As long as you haven’t breeched the above mentioned “Do NOT’s” and you’re willing to tolerate me on your Twitter Feed – let’s be friends.

Why Not – Right?

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