For Nina – w00t!!!!1

Nina just commented on my previous post and said:

“If someone doesn’t explain w00t to me soon I am going to flip right the fuck out. What does it mean?”

Well Nina I wish the answer could be so easy. Merriam-Webster just made “w00t” the 2007 Word of the Year and in doing such they offer their version of it’s definition. It’s true that I have known the word from the l33t speaking days of old, as well as from gaming days too.

If you want my definition of w00t (which is spelled w – Zero – Zero – t ) I’d say it is a sound or word of joy, surprise of victory of some sort. I use it all the time. The louder, more high pitched or excited it is said, the more emphasis it has on it’s celebratory meaning to me.

If you see me type it out and follow it by four exclamation points and the number 1, that too is from years of l33t (leet) sp34k(speak)

My name on my post’s, where it says posted by: Cy1i7|-|ri4 is l33t sp34k sp311ing (leet speak spelling)

SO whether w00t is from gamers days or old, or l33t sp3ak days of lore, or just some imbiguation of the word root, I truly don’t know – But Nina I dare you try using it in your life. Start with little things, like when you accomplish something from your to – do list and you cross it off. As you cross it off say aloud “w00t.” Give it a try – see what happens, I bet any money if you do, you’ll find it’s supreme usefulness in bringing about an odd smile to your face as others go “what did she just say?”


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6 thoughts on “For Nina – w00t!!!!1

  1. w00t is usually a gamer’s term when they kick an opponent’s ass. It stands for We Owned Other Team

    just my 2cents

  2. HAHHAHA W – Always a gamer somewhere willing to come out and state that w00t is a gamers term and not from l33t or anywhere else. LOVE IT!

    I personally don’t care where it’s from, I use it and people look at me weird. LOVE IT

    Love you W – Thanks for the grin ;)

  3. Oh, I’m no gamer. I learned about w00t a couple of years ago from a young lady who writes RPG books.

    In any case, I def like your use of it best. Let 2008 be the Year of w00t!

    Love you too Cyli

    I hope you and Sarie feel better real soon.

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