100 Things

In May of 2005 I posted my first 100 Things List.

For those who don’t know, a 100 Things List is simply 100 Things you write down about yourself. These are/were mine in 2005:

1) My Name is Cylithria

2) People call me Cyli, Cyl, Lithie or weird.

3) I am a Red Head.

4) Yes, it is natural red hair.

5) I am short.

6) I can’t cook to save my life…Or anyone else’s for that matter.

7) When I say I can’t cook, I mean it. I burn so many things, I became a Firefighter because of it.

8.) I had to get a height and weight waiver to join the fire department.

9) I grew up on a remote island in Alaska

10) My daddy was a A United States Marine (OORAH)

11) Frogs

12) <— This number is one number shy of the “13 reason’s why a girl says no”.

13) You won’t understand the comment above unless you were in the Navy.

14) I am a writer of no great talent

15) Sales prove you do not need talent to be a writer.

16) I love full fashioned stockings, garterbelts and sexy high heels.

17) All women should throw panty hose away and convert to stockings.

18) It’ll never happen, but I can dream.

19) The number of girls in my Brownie Troop

20) The number of parents who don’t volunteer in my brownie troop.

21) Who needs them anyway, the girls and I have more fun without them.

22) I love to fish, hunt, trap, and basically do anything in a forest.

23) I adore motorcycles.

24) I broke my arm and had a 10 inch Titanium Plate and 8 Screws put into my arm to save it.

25) I was out riding my motorcycle when I broke my arm.

26) I was walking away from the bike, when I fell causing the break

27) I should have stayed on the motorcycle.

28) One of the screws in my arm is loose.

29) Yes, that means I have a screw loose!

30) I also have what is known as sinus absentia (No sinus in the sinus cavity so on X-rays it looks like a hole in my head)

31) So yes, that means I have a hole in my head AND a screw loose.

32) Medical records are admissible in a court of law.

33) I plan to use those medical records as my defense should I ever need it.

34) “But your Honor, I didn’t know what I was doing. I have a hole in my head and a screw loose!”

35) That defense probably won’t work, but imagine the jury’s reaction to it.

36) Coffee is the nectar of the Gods.

37) I praise the Gods everyday by drinking coffee.

38) Life would be hell without coffee.

39) I like my coffee Blond and Sweet – Like my men…

40) Oh wait, what men?

41) Phooey, that sounds pitiful.

42)Crap this is a long list.

43) Why am I bothering to do this?

44) oh yeah, it’s 100 things about me…That’s why.

45) Great…*groan*…I’m not even half way through the list yet.

46) My favorite color is a tie between green and black.

47) Black probably win’s since I wear that the most.

48) I hate it when people ask me if my nails are real.

49) What am I supposed to do, break one to prove to them they are in fact real?

50) What difference does it make if they are real or not?

51) Hell if I know!

52) I am 4′ 11 3/4″ Tall.

53) I told you I was short.

54) Not only am I a red head, I am also a Scorpio.

55) People say that is a dangerous combination.

56) Since when do I listen to what people say?

57) I’d rather have a plant then flowers.

58) Course, it’d be nice to have a guy who bought me either ;)

59) I have been to 49 of the 50 states.

60) I am very patriotic.

61) everyone should hang a yellow ribbon up, not because of the war.

62) They should hang it because even at peace time, we have men and women overseas still.

63) Thus hang the yellow ribbon, until they ALL come home!

64) During Peace time people forget about our men and women in the military.

65) During war, people protest.

66) To each their own, protest if you want….That’s what our Guys and Gal’s fought and died for….Your rights!

67) I never forget that fact…Or the ones who never came home.

68) Wow, you don’t realize how long this is, until you do it.

69) Of Course I could say something provocative here, but I won’t.

70) I’ll say it here instead….I like 69.

71) Dang – that was my outside voice beating up my inside voice.

72) My inside voice is the good, polite voice.

73) My outside voice, is the bad, naughty voice.

74) My outside voice beats up my inside voice – A LOT!

75) It must be the red-headed, scorpion effect.

76) That defense would also not hold up in court.

77) That’s why I don’t plan to end up in court.

78) Cashews are good.

79) WRONG – Cashews are excellent.

80) I hate smurfs, especially smurfette.

81) I hate smurfette almost as much as I hated Barbie Doll’s as a kid.

82) I tormented Barbie.

83) I probably shouldn’t have, she’d be worth a fortune now if I had saved her in mint condition.

84) Dang – why don’t we have foresight at 7 years old?

85) But still – it was worth torturing Barbie.

86) I bet you don’t care at all about that – do you?

87) I really don’t either, but I have to say something right?

88) Of course I could say nothing, but my outside voice simply won’t allow that.

89) I hate the color pink.

90) When combined with Purple, I get nauseous.

91) Who was the dork that designated pink as being for girls?

92) Probably the same idiot who created pantyhose.

93) Maybe I should torment him instead of Barbie?

94) Wait- Maybe I should torment him WITH a Barbie.

95) Ewwww that is nasty.

96) of course pantyhose are Nasty

97) Hmmm…Only three more things left to tell you.

98) I wonder what they should be?

99) Wow I am lame, I don’t know the answer to that.

100) Told you some people call me weird! Now you see why!

Since it is now 2011, Perhaps I shall re-write my 100 Things and post them too!

Why Not – Right?